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Johnson & Johnson

4 October 2012 14:24, by KittyRong

Johnson & Johnson is a famous company who is dedicated to pharmaceutical, medical devices and health and beauty. This company is well appreciated because of below two reasons:
● Career training and development: For the newly-graduated college students, when they enter into Johnson, they will receive a series of training courses. Johnson focuses on personal career development. For recruitment, it prefers internal recruitment, and provides various opportunities for employees. In Johnson & Johnson, what kind of employee has the chances to be promoted? ◆ Treat personal career (...)


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Location: New Jersey (United States of America)

Sector: pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetics

Official website:

Key figures:

EMPLOYEES: 118700 (2010)

REVENUE: US$61587 billion(2010)

OPERATING INCOME : US$16947 billion (2010)

NET INCOME: US$13334 billion (2010)

TOTAL ASSETS : US$102908 billion (2010)

TOTAL EQUITY: US$56579 billion (2010)

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Nbr. inspires: 1