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  • Johnson & Johnson

    a) Johnson & Johnson produces a lot of well-know products for people. The company operates in the three main segments: Pharmaceutical, medical devices and health and beauty markets. Products from Johnson&Johnson stand at the ready to improve the quality of people everyday life. They offer products and information targeting baby care, skin and hair care, oral care, nutritionals, pain relief, topical care etc. Creating meaningful innovation in health care within the Consumer business (...)


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Location: New Jersey (United States of America)

Sector: pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetics

Official website:

Key figures:

EMPLOYEES: 118700 (2010)

REVENUE: US$61587 billion(2010)

OPERATING INCOME : US$16947 billion (2010)

NET INCOME: US$13334 billion (2010)

TOTAL ASSETS : US$102908 billion (2010)

TOTAL EQUITY: US$56579 billion (2010)

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Nbr. inspires: 1