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    a) The main facts about the activities of the company MRW is a courier company, which sends parcels both nationally and internationally. Even if it is the core activity of the company, nowadays it has expanded in the sector and currently costumers are offered a vaster range of services: transferring money all over the world, support on carrying out logistic campaigns, moving their pets and request for urgent deliveries. If any of the deliveries is late, MRW is compromised to offer ten (...)


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Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Sector: transport, logistics

Official website:

Key figures:

606,81 million Euros in 2008 turnover, - 4% in respect to 2007
782 transport franchises establishes in Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal
512 employees
2816 vehicles and 4 airplanes

Nbr. visits: 5002

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