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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc

13 May 2013 11:55, by Diana

As the Gallery’s description mentions, this company is not using Social Responsibility as a mean to achieve their goal, but rather is orientating the business towards the community. Their lemma is “Brewing a Better World Together” and it reflects the synergy they are aiming to create. They recognize the success of the company as a result of commitment to the community. The gallery also included a comment of future plans of the company to measure the impact of actions on society. As a follow-up the company designed a matrix identifying actions that were on their interest: employee engagement (...)


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Location: Waitsfield (United States of America, Vermont)

Sector: coffee

Official website:

Key figures:

Net sales: $500,000*
Gross profit: $176,000*
Net income: $22,229*

* (in $ thousands)

Employees: 1,152 full-time employees and 68 part-time employees.

Market: US

Nbr. visits: 1821

Nbr. inspires: 2