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Triodos Bank

1 March 2013 01:47, by estoesdemasiado

I really felt in love with this bank the first time I saw and advertisement of it. The advertise shocket me, it was like: do you know where does your bank invest you money on? After that I googled the name and just surf its webpage. At that time, I was looking for a bank to put my fortune in and Triodos Bank was an outstanding candidate because of its philosophy. I seeked for thir offices in my current city (Barcelona) and I get quite dissapointed when I realised they only have one and so far from my home or university. I only found that weakness about Triodos Bank in Barcelona, but (...)


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Location: Netherlands

Sector: financial services, sustainable banking

Official website:

Key figures:

Amounts in millions of euro
Total income 73.7
Net profit 10.1
Number of employees 475
Number of accounts: 169,517
Countries of Operation: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom

Nbr. visits: 351

Nbr. inspires: 7