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    FC Barcelona is broadly known as the most socially dedicated club on the planet, transmitting on-the-field brilliance to off-the-field social projects. It utilizes the power of sports to target kids and youth with messages about wellbeing. It has been focusing on social issues for many years, working with various partners to help enhance the lives of kids around the world.
    A. Main facts about the activities of FCB Foundation The Futbol Club Barcelona Foundation, hereinafter referred to as (...)


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Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Sector: Arts, entertainment and recreation

Official website:

Key figures:

Annual Revenue of FCB: 679M €

FCB Foundation
- FCB Contributions: 4.753.000€
- FCB Players’ contribution: 1.784.365€
- FCB Sponsors’ contribution: 4.500.000€

FCB contributes with UNICEF 2.000.000€ annually

- Capacity: 99,354 people
- Opened: 24th September 1957

Nbr. visits: 635

Nbr. inspires: 4