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    The increasing dissemination and utilization of Information Technology (IT) into all areas of life lead to rising energy consumption and growing environmental problems. The market leader Google for example operates approximately 450,000 servers, consuming about 800 Giga Watt hours (GWh) of electricity per year. By this Google is indirectly responsible for enormous amounts of CO2 emissions, because electricity is most often generated by coal or gas combustion. Thus, (...)


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Location: Berlin (Germany)

Sector: Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Official website:

Key figures:

Annual revenue: 1,7M€ (2016)
Alexa Rank: 703 (rank that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics)
Best German Startup (by StartupRanking)
Nº of employees: 20

Nbr. visits: 1681

Nbr. inspires: 2