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  • Cause + Affect

    Why this company? While other clothing companies claim to be using environmentally friendly materials for their products, Cause + Affect aims to make stylish clothing as ethically as possible. They are doing this by controlling their whole supply chain. Only in this way we can be sure that they are actually acting rather than just talking about behaving ethically. It was founded to conceive, design, produce and ship clothes in the most ethical way possible.
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Location: Berks (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Sector: 100% organic fair trade fashion

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To complete the cycle Cause + Affect reinvests 10% of any profits generated back into the communities they work with, assisting projects that help to improve living conditions and eradicate poverty in some of the poorest areas of the world.
The company has been accepted to join three of the leading ethical directories: "Ethical Junction", "The Green Provider" and "A Lot of Organics", which only allow companies that comply with various ethical requirements to be listed on their sites.

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