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  • Secco - Treasures of Wasteland

    The purpose of Secco is to give a second life to potentially useless waste. As a matter of fact, they acquire raw materials from waste collection and recycling companies. They create products such as handbags, bowls, jewellery, key chains, made for instance of inner tires, old key boards and vinyl records. The biggest part or the products is manufactured by hand. In Jyväskylä, Finland the main activities are taking place. In the company’s activities, the ideas of innovative designers, (...)


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Location: Petäjävesi (Finland)

Sector: consumer products

Official website:

Key figures:

Secco is a finish company of 4 employees. By 2007 the company was working with 20 external designers as well as with subcontractors in Finland, Vienna and Frankfurt. Since the beginning of the operations in 2004, it has been operating internationally, namely in Europe, USA, Taiwan and Japan. In 2007 Secco products could be found in 50 retail stores. During the first four years of operating Secco’s profits were negative.
The turnover was 45 000 € in 2004, 98 000 € in 2005, 145 000 € in 2006 and 176 000 € in 2007, respectively. Consequently, a steady growth rate is noticeable.

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