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Tony’s Chocolonely

3 June 2012 17:22, by J.R.

First I have to congratulate the authors of the project since they were able to pick up a company out of the box that highlights perfectly the ethical issues faced every day in the business world.
In the chocolate industry, as in many other industries, the presented dilemma is always more or less the same. Either achieve maximum profitability with our eyes closed to any problem attached. Or stand up against vicious cycles of rights degradation while in the same market of self-made blind competitors. The Tony’s Chocolonely case goes straight to the core of this natural issue. The Dutch (...)


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Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

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Fair Trade Company
Social Entrepreneur
Origin: Their cocoa comes from co-operatives that are registered with the fair trade foundation Max Havelaar. Most of it comes from Ghana and Ivory Coast but also from the Dominican Republic. The chocolate that is used for their bars is made from a mixture of different kinds of beans. With every harvest the tast and quality can vary. The origin of the beans can vary with every ’batch’ to obtain the same taste for all their chocolate but it always comes from the registered co-operatives. A batch is a big quality of liquid cocoa mass that is processed and packed at once.

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