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Turkish Airlines

15 June 2015 00:28, by Andrius65

It is impressive that such a big company like Turkish Airlines makes a lot of efforts to act ethically. Most companies do not do this in order to increase profitability but Turkish Airways does not think of Profits as its first goal. It is really interesting this trend in big companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks, Cisco, Gap and other companies. I am from Ecuador and even in a small country like mine, local airline companies are making efforts to decrease the amounts of fuel consumed and the amount of CO2 generated. It is actually a good example for small (...)


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Location: Istanbul (Turkey)

Sector: Transportation and storage, Accommodation and food service activities, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Other service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

Turkish Airlines is the 5th largest carrier in worldwide and the 2nd largest in Europe by destination number.

Sales: 14.9 billion TL (in 2012)
Profit: 1.13 billion TL (in 2012)
Number of Employees: 15,857 (in 2012)
Passengers Carried: 39 million (in 2012)

Nbr. visits: 1276

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