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  • Hisense Group

    10 October 2012, by ElsieWang, Kathy Wu, miranda

    A. The main facts about the activities of the company. Hisense Group, one of the biggest electronics corporations, has been successfully operating more than 40 years since they founded in 1969. Hisense Electronics, its subordinate company, has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange 15 years ago. After acquiring Kelon, a famous electronics company listed in both Shenzhen and Hongkong stock exchanges, Hisense has been establishing complementary product lines in home appliance segment and (...)


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Location: Qingdao (China)

Sector: Manufacturing

Official website:

Key figures:

Annual revenue in 2011: rmb71.6 billion
Net profit rate: about 10%
R&D expenditure: 5% of annual revenue
Number of employees: 15,700
Countries of production: China, South Africa, Algeria and Egypt

Nbr. visits: 1349