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  • Emmaüs Défi

    10 October 2012, by Boris Chevreau

    A. The main facts about the activities of the company. One of us had the chance to volunteer a couple of times for this company and discovered it from the inside, and has thus transmitted the passion for this business model to the entire group. Emmaus Défi is a unique entity created by a businessman, Charles-Edouard Vincent, graduated from l’X, and Martin Hirsh, former president of the French association (NGO) Emmaüs France. It is a for-profit social company specialized in reselling recycled (...)


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Location: 75019 Paris (France)

Sector: Wholesale and retail trade

Official website:

Key figures:

300 employees went through Emmaüs Défi integration system since its creation.

95% became active again.

93 hours realised on average by an employee inside the system.

95% transformation rate in "24 hours insertion contract"

Nbr. visits: 498

Nbr. inspires: 2