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  • Pantaleón

    20 January 2009, by Humberto Garcia, Ricardo Rivera

    Reasons for Selecting Pantaleón
    We chose this company because in the 1970’s Pantaleón employees went on a nine day strike that stopped production in all plants. Employees were disgruntled because top ranking members of their union were being victimized. They were also demanding better working conditions and higher compensation. Furthermore, the media accused Pantaleón of corruption because of their alleged involvement with the government in a strong anti-union movement which saw the (...)


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Location: Guatemala

Sector: food, sugar, syrup, ethanol

Official website: http://www.Pantaleó

Key figures:

Annual Revenues: USD 200 million
Number of Employees: 50,000
Countries of Operations: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil
Countries of Export: Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Trinidad, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Tanzania, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, South Korea.

Nbr. visits: 597

Nbr. inspires: 2