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  • Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

    5 February 2009, by Michael De Witte, Zlatko Kostovski

    1. Why did you choose this company?
    We choose this company because it is a good example of a company that evaluates its actions not only in terms of profitability but also in accordance with its values and its social & corporate responsibility. More important, it is a lot more than public relations because the company’s management produces every two years an accountability report. And it works because the company is profitable and the first Credit Union in Canada. We thought this (...)


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Location: Vancouver (Canada)

Sector: banking, credit union, financial services provider

Official website:

Key figures:

ROE(5 yrs Average 02-06 ):10.86%
Growth of Assets (5 yrs Average 02-06):10.32%
Net Earnings (2006): 45.3 M$CAN
Number of Branches: 59
Members:390 000
Shared Succes (2006):14.52M$CAN

Nbr. visits: 1736

Nbr. inspires: 1