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    A. How did you find this company? What are the main facts about its activities? FISMARE is a spin-off company that was born inside the Marine Resources and Fisheries Group from the A Coruña University. Their founding team members come from different disciplines and consist of doctors and graduates in Biology, Marine Science and Sociology.
    It works in environmental management projects, particularly (but not exclusively) in fisheries management and coastal areas, and aims to provide a novel (...)


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Location: Galicia (Spain)

Sector: Agriculture, forestry and fishing, Other service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

Industry: Strategic consultancy in full management of natural resources and ecosystems

Share Capital: 3.100,00 €

Number of Employees: between 5 and 25

Country of Operation: Spain

Current State: Extinction

Nbr. visits: 488

Nbr. inspires: 1