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La Fageda

20 June 2012 08:08, by ainoa.ryll

I find indispensable to put some words for these company.
First of all I appreciate the effort to talk about a close firm like this because the results of their policy can be easliy perceived in our society.
Then I have to say that the initiative is amazing. The products are a little more expensive, they’re facing a really big competitive sector as the food one it is, but they are managing to keep the staff and their plants, so I find this company more succesful than any other big corporate food one.
It’s really inspiring and it’s the way business it should be, from my point of (...)


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Location: Olot (Spain, Girona)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

210 employees among them 125 disabled or mentally sick

Turnover (31.12.2006) 7.264.000 Euro

Contribution to the environment 255.000 Euro

Nbr. visits: 5216

Nbr. inspires: 12