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La Fageda

1 March 2013 02:19, by estoesdemasiado

The Business Model of La Fageda could be applied to many differents companies like beers manufacturers, hotels, schools... Handicaped people should take part of our (all of us) daily life because they make that ’normal’ people just can live in diversity (colorcast, gender, purchasing power, capabilities...), realise about this reality and help each other. We are human, and everybody can learn from other people, everybody must learn form other people


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Location: Olot (Spain, Girona)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

210 employees among them 125 disabled or mentally sick

Turnover (31.12.2006) 7.264.000 Euro

Contribution to the environment 255.000 Euro

Nbr. visits: 5216

Nbr. inspires: 12