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La Fageda

27 February 2013 12:00, by Dídac Pons

I find this company inspiring because I think that they are doing a very good labor with the world. All of us see, day a day, different disable people and in my case, I normally think: "Poor people, they will have a lot of troubles if they want to work, because nobody wants to hire them". On this way, La Fageda achieved it, and as we can see in the description on the main page, more than the half of their employees (125 of 210), are disabled.
In my opinion, this world need more companies like this. Companies that want profits on two ways: Monetary and social profits. I don’t know if this (...)


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Location: Olot (Spain, Girona)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

210 employees among them 125 disabled or mentally sick

Turnover (31.12.2006) 7.264.000 Euro

Contribution to the environment 255.000 Euro

Nbr. visits: 5216

Nbr. inspires: 12