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5 October 2012 11:15, by Boris Chevreau

Finally a project that combines business with pleasure!
I think this project is somehow a mix of all a social businessman would dream of., and that’s what makes it so inspiring. First the volunteer workers, who are deeply impacted and invested in the results and benefits that the café produces on society. Second a friendly and welcoming ambient that incites the customers to care about their spending and to make a gesture for good causes. And finally profits most entirely redistributed to specific poverty-reducing projects well catered and studied carefully. And the company is still (...)


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Location: Copenhagen (Denmark)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

Accumulated donation (2007- 2011): 1.500.000 DKR (200.000 €)

2010: 2.400.000 DKR (300.000 EUR)
2011: 3.000.000 DKR (400.000 EUR)

2010: 400.000 DKR (50.000 EUR)
2011: 600.000 DKR (75.000 EUR)

Number of Employees: 60-80 volunteers and paid staff

Countries of humanitarian projects: Sierra Leone, India and others

Nbr. visits: 1479

Nbr. inspires: 8