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5 October 2012 10:30, by Stefanie Brand

I am really inspired by the company and your study here, because I think this kind of project addresses values that have been forgotten in today`s society: spend some of your time to do something selfless.
With locating the Retro Café in the city center of Copenhagen and organizing special events like concerts and exhibitions they reach a lot of people, especially young adults and make them think about what they can contribute to the society. Moreover people can find others in the café with which they can exchange their experience and ideas.
And even if the monetary contributions to the (...)


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Location: Copenhagen (Denmark)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Official website:

Key figures:

Accumulated donation (2007- 2011): 1.500.000 DKR (200.000 €)

2010: 2.400.000 DKR (300.000 EUR)
2011: 3.000.000 DKR (400.000 EUR)

2010: 400.000 DKR (50.000 EUR)
2011: 600.000 DKR (75.000 EUR)

Number of Employees: 60-80 volunteers and paid staff

Countries of humanitarian projects: Sierra Leone, India and others

Nbr. visits: 1479

Nbr. inspires: 8