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Interface Social Mission and Impact

18 June 2012 15:28, by Vasyl Davydko

When seeing most of the firms on this website, I had the impression that, in order to be an ethical business, it should not be large. At the same time, the size has an important disadvantage, since for a small firm it is really hard to make an impact on a global scale. But the example of Interface Inc. has showed me that even when a firm is large, it still remain ethical changing my mind about the large firms. It can even be easier form, since, for instance, Interface´s business model requires use of economies of scale that small business cannot do.
On the other hand, Interface´s story (...)


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Location: United States of America

Sector: textile, carpet production

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Key figures:

production on 4 continents, 5.000 employees

net sales of $3.7 millions

operating income of $0.4 million.

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