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  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.

    Why this company?
    The reason why we choose Hallmark for our study is because we learned that its CSR covered dynamic aspect of social interests. The culture and the products of the company are closely related to its social values and this is what makes its CSR very convincing.
    a) The main facts about the activities of the company. 
 Hallmark Cards, Inc. is a company that based in Kansas City, Mo. Founded in 1910, Hallmark has a more than 100 years history. It is well known for its (...)


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Location: Kansas City (United States of America, Mo)

Sector: Arts, entertainment and recreation

Official website:

Key figures:

Company Name:
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

President & CEO:
Donald J. Hall, Jr.


Kansas City, Mo.


Consolidated Annual Revenues:
$4.1 billion in 2010

13,200 full-time worldwide (Hallmark and subsidiaries).
7,700 associated full-time with U.S. business.
3,700 work full-time at Kansas City headquarters.
700 artists, designers, stylists, writers, editors, web designers, and photographers based in Kansas City.

18,000 new and redesigned greeting cards and related products per year.
65,000 products available at any one time.

U.S. Distribution:
40,000 retail outlets
3,000 Hallmark Gold Crown? stores

U.S. Subsidiaries:
9 related businesses in the Hallmark family of companies.

International Business:
Products in 30 languages distributed in 100 countries around the world.

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