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  • The Body Shop

    25 October 2011, by Charis Li, Jam, Chen, Jorge Millan, Li Yuan

    The reason why we chose The Body Shop as our topic to analyze is this company?s controversial reputation. The Body Shop, a retailer of natural-based and ethical-sourced beauty products, came under severe criticism. Body Shop was regarded as one of the pioneers of corporate social responsibility an also strongly associated with the social activism. Body Shop had built up their core values ? opposition to animal testing, developing community trade, setting up charity trust, and protection of (...)


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Location: Brighton (united kingdom of great britain)

Sector: cosmetics retailer

Official website:

Key figures:

Annual Sales : 754.9 millions Euros (2010)
Operational Assets. 1104 millions Euros (2010)
Operating Profit: 65.3 million Euros (2010)
Top 5 Countries in Sales: Northern Europe, Middle East, Russia and India
Number of Stores: 2605

Nbr. visits: 6171

Nbr. inspires: 5