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Yuhan Kimberly, sustainable journey

5 October 2012 10:54, by Kathy Wu

Same as the Author, I feel I am inspired by this study article about Yuhan Kimberly for its corporate value, consistence and performance since establishment. Kimberly is one of the well-known personal care brand nowadays and we can find list of products in supermarkets. Either its advertisement or feeling of using their product, all deliver kind of comfortable care from a consumer perspective.
It is interesting the purpose to set Yuhan Kimberly as JV by the private founder was to avoid bribing Korea government officers. A practical but clearly ethical start. Yuhan Kimberly, as one of (...)


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Location: Soul (republic of korea)

Sector: paper industry-personal hygiene item, facial tissues, toilet paper etc.

Official website: ,

Key figures:

Key features: Annual Revenue in 2010 : 11billion(USD); Net income in 2010 : 80million(USD); Export product to 48 countries;

Key events: Joint venture with Kimberly in 1970; Economic Crises in 1997; ?Keep Korea Green? Campaign for 26 years.

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