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  • Wegmans Food Markets

    MAIN FACTS ABOUT THE ACTIVITIES OF THE COMPANY Wegmans Food Markets is a family-owned supermarket chain with 75 stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland. Stores have in-store cafes, with seating for up to 300 people. There is a full-service restaurant, called The Pub, in two Pennsylvania stores. In 2011 Wegmans will open up its first store in Massachusetts. Wegmans has been performing excellent for multiple years now, and was listed as the 55th largest private (...)


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Location: Rochester (United States of America, New York)

Sector: grocery

Official website:

Key figures:

As the company is privately owned, they do not provide a public annual report. Therefore, the amount of key figures that can be found is quite limited. The following information is available:

Company revenue: USD 5,6 billion (2010)
Amount of employees: <40.000 (2010)

Nbr. visits: 8953

Nbr. inspires: 5