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New Oriental

5 October 2012 11:50, by hu junya

New Oriental is very clear about responsibility, that is, lead the students to open mind and emphasize the importance of individual struggle and value. I would like to add several new challeges New Oriental is facing now.
First, after Wall Street listed, New Oriental is faced with the risk of dilutted education spirit, culture and teaching quality. Because capital shall abide by many rules, they can’t do whatever thay want to as at the start phase. The harsh financial and performance pressure from Wall Street has increased the CEO’s anxiety and fatigue.Capital characteristic is chasing (...)


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Location: Beijing (CHINA)

Sector: educational and consultant services

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New oriental has more than eleven million students all over China.
The company has locations in 54 schools, in these 487 learning centres. There are selling books in 29 new oriental bookstores and in 5,000 parts of bookstores. They have 11,700 teachers in 47 cities. To finish they are 6,7 million of the Internet learning users.
The company is public. They earned more than 77 millions of dollars in 2005, employing 16,182 people.

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