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New Oriental

4 October 2012 18:09, by Jason

Authors are inspired by the company of New Oriental for some reasons shown as follows:
1. great motivation As a company for education services, its motivation is to help more people to improve their English skills. So that they can pass the examinations, get opportunities for overseas study. Especially as more and more companies just take maximizing their interest as the only objective nowadays, companies with the motivation for improvement of our society just like New Oriental seems more valuable comparably.
2. proactive attitude to ethical challenges As is sued by Educational Testing (...)


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Location: Beijing (CHINA)

Sector: educational and consultant services

Official website:

Key figures:

New oriental has more than eleven million students all over China.
The company has locations in 54 schools, in these 487 learning centres. There are selling books in 29 new oriental bookstores and in 5,000 parts of bookstores. They have 11,700 teachers in 47 cities. To finish they are 6,7 million of the Internet learning users.
The company is public. They earned more than 77 millions of dollars in 2005, employing 16,182 people.

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