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  • Grameen Bank

    20 January 2009

    In the middle of 70s Muhammad Yunus , the founder of Grameen bank in Bangladesh, became concerned about poverty and the effects of famine and hunger. He set up a ‘village bank’ as an experiment in Joba in 1976 which was lending small amounts of money for local start up initiatives. Since the bank was doing really well, in 1983 the `village bank´ was transformed into an independent bank. Regarding its ownership, Grameen bank allows its clients to purchase shares of the Bank upon reaching a (...)


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Location: Bangladesh

Sector: technology, finance, microfinance

Official website: and

Key figures:

Net profit: $20 million

Recovery rate: 98%

Clients base: 6.6 million people

Nbr. visits: 1921

Nbr. inspires: 1