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  • The Good Little Company

    a) The main facts about the activities of the company. The Good Little Company is a brand within the company Finnebrogue. Finnebrogue is a producer of several kinds of sausages that sells The Good Little Company a variety of sausages that are produced in the healthiest and most sustainable conditions. It is based on a philosophy of "Buy One, Give One Free". This is; when consumers in the UK buy a pack of Good Little Sausages, someone in a developing country gets a staple meal every day for (...)


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Location: Downpatrick (United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland)

Sector: food, sausages

Official website:

Key figures:

The Good Little Company products currently have a turnover of about ?850,000 per year.
The Finnebrogue Factory has an overall turnover of around ?11,800,000 per year. Number of employees: 85 permanent staff. (Over 100 workers during peak season, i.e. Christmas)
Countries of operations: United Kingdom. Retailers: Tesco in Northern Ireland and Waitrose in England

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