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    A) The main facts about the activities of the Company. Jojo is a company that sells shoes. It was founded in 2009 by two friends; Matthieu Vaxelaire and Christoph Nagel. Their ambition was to create and sell a product with a strong concept that benefits the environment. The Jojo brand is one that falls in the category of ?alternative consumption? for people who want to take consuming one step further by showing their respect to humankind and the environment. When you buy a pair of these (...)


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Location: Brussels (Belgium)

Sector: shoes

Official website:

Key figures:

- Founders: Matthieu Vaxelaire and Christoph Nagel
- Countries of Operation: Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg. Jojo offers free shipping around the world
- In 2010 Jojo sold 1500 shoes
- In 2011 5000 shoes were ordered, at this moment over 2000 shoes are sold
- Jojo is not profitable yet. They need to sell a minimum of 10 000 shoes to be profitable. Jojo hopes to reach this in 2012.
- At this moment, the number of workers for Jojo is 3

Nbr. visits: 850

Nbr. inspires: 20