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4 October 2012 15:19, by zhulei

In this article the author mainly talk about the corporation social responsibility of IKEA. I think for the author the most important thing of a company is the corporation social responsibility. The author thinks the IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people, whether in environment, employees, suppliers and child labour, the IKEA is the industry standard.
In the last paragraph the author writes that every time when they were in the news with unethical issues, like child labour or sustainable forestry, they agreed that they had made mistakes and promised to do (...)


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Location: Amhult (Sweden)

Sector: retail

Official website:

Key figures:

? Founder: Ingvar Kamprad
? Total Revenue (2010): 23.5 billion euro
? Total net income (2010): 2.7 billion euro
? Stores: 280 stores in 26 countries
? Operations in: 41 countries
? Employees: 127.000
? Suppliers: 1074 suppliers in 55 countries
? Products in the range: 9500
? IKEA Group store visitors: 626 million a year

Nbr. visits: 4933

Nbr. inspires: 5