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  • Freeplay Energy Group

    20 January 2009

    The inspiration for the company came to Chris Staines, the founder of Freeplay Energy, in 1994 when he was watching a BBC documentary and realized the great potential of a pioneering idea of British inventor, Trevor Baylis. The latter developed a prototype of a windup radio, which does not require neither batteries nor electricity. Trevor Baylis has appeared on TV claiming the radio was indispensable as an effective mean of communication to spread the safe-sex message which would help (...)


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Location: South Africa

Sector: energy products, technology

Official website: and

Key figures:

Revenue: $44.1 millions
Net profit: $11.5 million
Radios distributed: 250 000
Impact: 6 million people

Nbr. visits: 665

Nbr. inspires: 2