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Shoes for TOMorrow

7 March 2013 02:11, by Francisco J Román Roig

What strikes me the most about TOMs shoes is the fact that this business idea erupted from the notion that people can’t afford to have simple things that others take for granted. It isn’t about the profits, it is about making a sustainable project that goes beyond you and your customers. TOMs does not rely on donation, they just need to sale shoes in order to help others.
The One-for-One movement has become a hit in the US. They even promoted an annual barefoot day, thus encouraging people’s awareness over the condition many people endured. Besides, they do not just deliver shoes to kids (...)


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Location: Santa Monica (United States of America, California)

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As of April 2010 TOMS has given over 1.000.000 pairs of new shoes to children in need. Furthermore TOMS are sold in more than 30 countries and has over 45 employees. Moreover TOMS now gives pairs of shoes in over 20 countries.

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