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4 June 2012 15:22, by rudnik

I think that the company has successfully managed to combine benevolent social activity with a profitable business model. I think that part of the reason (if not most) for people buying TOMS shoes is that this way they can contribute to the charity activity supported by the company. Since the awareness of poverty and inclination to help has been increasing in the last years in the more developed countries, benevolent actions emphasized by companies such as TOMS lead to improved attitudes of customers, positive PR, and, most importantly, number of people willing to buy to product. I (...)


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As of April 2010 TOMS has given over 1.000.000 pairs of new shoes to children in need. Furthermore TOMS are sold in more than 30 countries and has over 45 employees. Moreover TOMS now gives pairs of shoes in over 20 countries.

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