Wednesday 15 September 2010

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ecoVeritas is an environmental consultancy in Oxford, UK, specialising in data processing and complex calculations. Their work focuses on assisting large retailers and wholesalers to meet the demands of environmental legislation, with particular emphasis on the Packaging Regulations in the UK. Organisations handling more than 50 tonnes of packaging are obligated to declare information on the materials used and activities performed on products with packaging.
Whilst ecoVeritas holds a strong market position in its competitive sector, it tries to conduct its business with strong values, placing equal value on profitability, enjoyability, ethics and high standards. As well as being part of the movement to reduce the proportion of waste going to landfill and therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the company sees the welfare of its staff as paramount.
Staff are encouraged to ?flourish and nourish?. They are actively supported to pursue their personal interests beyond the scope of the workplace, as amateur artists, in sports, as volunteers and in spiritual development. Each year a ’nourishment bonus’ is given to permanent staff, a fund earmarked for activities which will take one?s mind off work issues and help to aid stress reduction. Meetings are always begun with 2 minutes silence, helping to reduce stress and focus the mind.
As the company continues to grow each year and branches into the carbon sector, it faces the challenge of retaining its core ethical beliefs as more staff are taken on. A continued emphasis on the balance between profitability and ethical practices will ensure that its strong ethos will flourish.

Location: Oxford (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

Sector: environmental consultancy

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