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Monday 13 April 2009

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Worldchanging is a 501(c)3 media organization that comprises a global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers covering the world’s most intelligent solutions to today’s problems. We inspire readers around the world with stories of the most important and innovative new tools, models and ideas for building a bright green future. Our readers are ready to change the world, and Worldchanging links them to the first steps.

In the five years since its founding, Worldchanging has produced more than 8,500 visionary articles and one bestselling book, and has become a go-to source for forward thinking, solutions-based journalism that takes a big-picture approach to sustainability. Our international network of experts and allies, known on these pages as "the Worldchanging team" seek out new systems and ways of living from around the world. They report on those ideas with a healthy dose of curiosity and analysis, and ignite discussion and debate with you, our readers, via comment threads on every page.

Worldchanging has brought awareness to innovative responses to concerns like refugee aid and renewable energy, and to cutting-edge solutions for improving building, city planning, transportation, communication and quality of life. By connecting thoughtful people with the boldest new ideas, we have earned a devoted following: a recent Nielsen study named us the second-largest sustainability website on the planet.

If you consider yourself part of that community of intelligent, engaged, optimistic people who are willing to be the change they want to see, and ready to live differently right now, we are your news source. Stop in often, learn what’s out there, and join the conversation.


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