Ecological Fair Trade Sneakers

Saturday 25 April 2009

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The origin of the Veja project might be summed up in one question : is another world possible?

Veja has been built on 3 main principles:
1. Using ecological inputs
2. Using fair trade cotton and latex
3. Respecting workers’ dignity

Veja has created a global chain that emphasizes solidarity and environment from the small producers in Brazil to the public.

Good will and nice speeches are not enough, the Veja team favours action over words. We favour the field and the producers over cocktails and small Western talks.

The Earth is ill, this is nowadays a fact for everybody. Al Gore and numerous influent actors proved it since the beginning of the 21st century.

How do we support this movement?
By replacing traditional cotton by organic cotton, by supporting wild latex production in Amazonia to fight against deforestation, by using ecological leather instead of chrome tanned leather, and by numerous small actions that could create a huge difference.

Veja attempts to create a global social chain that goes all the way from the Brazilian organic cotton producers to the stores that are selling the Veja.


Location: France

Sector: footwear

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