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Marc Le Menestrel, Inspiring Leader

As the initiator of this initiative, I see myself as a sort of “gardener” of the projects that the Foundation host. I am doing this as a self-fulfilling endeavour and because I dream of an institutional place where I would feel empowered with fellows colleagues, advisors and friends to accompany the transformation business is currently experiencing.


Astrid Salvans, Website Manager

Astrid was a graduate student in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She joined the We Dream Business team in 2011 because she loves the initiative. She sees it as a useful source of inspiration for future business leaders.

Julian Rode, Scientific Advisor

Julian is a Postdoctoral researcher and academic consultant. He teaches and conducts experimental research on topics related to ethics and economics, and he has broad interdisciplinary interests in normative and descriptive aspects of decision making. Julian supports and helps coordinate the research activities within the Foundation.

Cristina Panizo, Reviewer

Cristina is an undergraduate student of Business Administration at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She started collaborating with We Dream Business in 2011, having desired to get involved in the project since the moment she first found out.

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