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The idea of this project is to have a website where students can discuss existing companies that are changing the role of business in terms of human values, social justice and environmental sustainability.

The main target audiences of this project are students. As future leaders of corporations, they will shape a new world tomorrow and need to develop an innovative business vision today. We want them to discover new dimensions of corporate structures by drawing their attention to inspiring examples of existing ethical businesses.


The inspiring power has been chosen to be the main criterion to select the companies for the project. As noted above, we are not endorsing businesses just for the sake of advertising. We are trying to reach a mutual benefit: promote ethical values and encourage future business leaders to keep on with the idea, to make them dream or to help them believe they can make their dreams come true.

We suggest that we keep on dreaming and implementing these ideas. The aim of our Gallery is to make you believe it is possible, to inform, surprise and inspire!


The need for ethical values for future business development has been widely discussed lately. However, it is crucial that the key role of ethics is recognized not only by the academic community, but also by companies’ leaders. They do not want conformist anonymous workers at the top of the company any more. Today the market requires responsible leaders who are able to guide the growing company and ensure it a better future. To face this challenge future leaders should be equipped not only by the strong economic knowledge, but also by an ethical spirit.

We sincerely hope that our network will help to educate a new generation of responsible leaders and thus ensure sustainable corporations growth in the future.

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