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Sunday 1 June 2014, by alejandra, David Peral, merceriba

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

This firm was founded in Barcelona on the 15th October of 2013 by the collaboration of Due Tazze and Fundación Ánima. The idea of the business came from two young entrepreneurs that after suffering the loss of some of their familiars because of cancer, decided to create this company with the aim of honor their dead familiars and the people who gave them support during the disease. The main activity of the firm is the commercialization of a new range of coffee, tea and infusion capsules whose benefits are destined, in great measure, to help kids who are in the hospital because of cancer.

The Capsoul offers 16 varieties of coffee, tea and infusion capsules compatibles with any Nespresso machine. By buying The Capsoul products the consumer can not only enjoy a product of quality with a modern design, he/she is also contributing to improve the day-to-day of kids who need it.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

The Capsoul is a supportive coffee and tea line that combines experience and convictions. After having a near experience with cancer, the founders of the company have decided to be part of the solution and make their contribution to make happier the kids who suffer cancer and to bring them a message of life. The slogan of the firm is: “Amo tanto la vida que…” and is objective is to destine the major part of the profits generated by the sale of capsules to help against cancer.

The different projects that will be done thanks to the profits generated by the sale of capsules will be managed by The Capsoul Foundation. These projects will include different actions, such as giving emotional support, making the dreams of these kids come true, the improvement of the medical infrastructure and financing investigation programs against children’s cancer.

A team of medical specialists will support the projects carried out to guarantee that the funds recollected by The Capsoul are used in the things that provide with more value to the principal actors of this project: the kids with cancer.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

These two young entrepreneurs from the company “Due Tazze” suffered from the loose of their parents when they were around their 15s, therefore, having this in common, they wanted to carry the operations of their new business for one purpose: the treatment of leukemia. They had clear that they wanted to use part of their profits for cancer treatments and because of this, they got in touch with Maria SanMartín, the director of: “Fundación Ánima”, an entity whose aim is to fight against the social exclusion, leukemia and other diseases, problems related to childhood, children who have to be for a long period of time in the hospital and apart from the treatment, they collaborate with the purchase of necessary material in hospitals (for example, new TVs and static bikes in the hospital “San Joan de Déu” and “Vall d’Hebron” or specific cases for those children who are in a worse situation, some presents are given ( such as a dog for Daniel, a child who had a brain tumour or a laptop for Ikra, a girl with spinal muscular atrophy).

Because of all this, and also because one of our group members has worked for them for a month, we believe this company is ethical and we trust about their operations. It is true that the aim of the company is not to collaborate for the environmental sustainability, but as we said at the beginning of this course, ethics embraces a lot of things and in this case we can be sure about that because when there are two people who have lived this unfortunate experience of having lost someone, as it is the case of these two young entrepreneurs from “Due Tazze”, the willingness to help those people is greater and because of this, we can say that the company “The Capsoul”, which as mentioned before, is the fusion of the company “Due Tazze” and “Fundación Ánima”, is founded not only to make profits, but also to distribute part of them for a good cause, for the social wellbeing and to fight against these injustices, collaborating not only for the emotional support but also for realizing these childrens’ dreams and to improve the infrastructure and equipment of hospitals. All this, go in line with the slogan of the company: “Amo tanto la vida que….”, what is going after this incomplete slogan is up to us and our willingness to turn this world into a better one.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

Competition in the market is always a big challenge and as we have mentioned before, the strategy of that company is totally different from what current companies do. That firm has grown with the main goal of helping people with cancer and in order to do that, they need to make profits, if not, it would be impossible to maintain their stream aids. Hence, the big challenge is to survive and continue growing in a sector where many multinational companies are having a big piece of the market share. Adding the factthat these firms reinvest all their money on their own companies, making them bigger and bigger.

Thereby, what “The Capsoul” should do is to reinforce their current target and try to capture as many clients as possible, trying to build loyalty, reputation and give customers the product which they are really looking for, it means a product that apart from the willingness to repeat the experience of buying it, people can be satisfied with their purchase knowing that they are contributing in something which is useful for the society and especially, for children.

The company should count on more franchises around Spain, nowadays it is only in Barcelona, but it would be good for the firm to open franchises in places such as Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao, Sevilla... to gain more profits and to become more well-known, and one of the things which they can do is that, taking advantage that Marina SanMartín (the director of Fundación Ánima) has a close relationship with some of the players of Futbol Club Barcelona, and thanks to networking, she could promote the brand more in places where “big clients” would be able to buy it or at least hear about the brand, in order to increase the recognition of the brand by word of mouth . Furthermore the coffees of “The Capsoul” could be tested in important conferences or meetings. By now, in less than one year, it has managed to open 2 shops: one in la Illa (Diagonal) and the other one in the neighbourhood of “Gracia”. As they are planning to open a new shop, this time, it could be opened, for instance, inside the “Hotel Princesa Sofía” which is one of the most visited ones and where people could have the chance to taste it, since not only this brand of coffee is cheaper than other brands, but also the taste is different. The airport would be a good option to open a new shop too, although it is more difficult and in this case, she wouldn’t count on the support of Fútbol Club Barcelona, since this football team has a stronger relationship with the hotel mentioned before. So, why not to try it? There is nothing to lose and more if you can significantly contribute in the improvement of the society.


Information from one of the members of the group who has worked with the company.

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