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Wednesday 3 June 2009

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Our Ethical Policy

Inspired by ecological survival, Terra Plana believes in a variety of non-generic products and sustainable strategies. Guided by life cycle analysis, Terra Plana aims towards publishing accurate life cycle matrices for every product we produce. Reparability, lightness, anatomic design, and durability are all staples of sustainable shoe making. We at Terra Plana regularly re-evaluate what we can do to minimize waste and toxin use and maximize product use and love. Materials are the first way to improve sustainable practice Terra Plana uses a variety of eco-friendly materials including: Chrome free leathers, vegetable tanned leathers, recycled materials, pure latex soling materials, recycled rubber soles and recycled foam foot beds. Terra Plana also introduces E-leather. An eco revolutionary leather by-product. E-leather is a unique blend of leather and textile fibers Intimately ’re-woven’ and finished so it is practically indistinguishable from good quality leather. E-Leather is produced with closed loop water usage and best practice pollution prevention methods.

Terra Plana does not have an official code of conduct for our overseas production. As a small company, we find it more effective to work directly (no agents are involved), and very closely with every factory that produces our products. We have our own team that source high quality factories that already work with major brands and have professional codes of conduct already in place with regular audits. A significant proportion of our production is in China. We have a design studio and apartments (where a number of our designers live) in Guangzhou (the contemporary arts center of modern China). We also have an office there for sourcing materials.

The infrastructure and modern technology in China is perfect for shoe making and is the best in the World. Terra Plana has developed two shops in China and continues to build close relationships with everyone we work with. Terra Plana aims to make shoes at great value with the latest technology and sustainable principles. We do also produce some of our product is in Portugal, the UK and Africa.

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