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Wednesday 9 March 2011, by Althea Dominguez Garcia, Raquel Cebrian Ponce, Sandra Garcia Mora

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a) Products: Fixed line and mobile telephony, Internet services, digital television and entertainment.

b) Telefonica ethical challenges can be summarized in 7 sections:

6-Government jobs.

c) Telefonica understands corporate responsibility as a way of managing your business relationship with all stakeholders.

To the extent that the Telefonica Group is able to generate a positive impact on business in the economic progress, technological and social environment, and gain the confidence of its stakeholders, will be able to guarantee its sustainability as company.
In short, this is it so important to achieve the objectives and financial results and the way in which they are achieved.

d) A potential challenge facing the company in the future are anti-crisis cuts. Its fixed and mobile clients are unemployed have a 50% discount until the end of the year.The newly established pymes may also reduce your bill for 12 months.
We think that the ethical challenge proposed by the company is a good deal for today that we are living, and to improve this challenge, we propose to the company to create economic internet rates for people who are unemployed.


Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Sector: telecommunications

Official website:

Key figures:

Presence in 25 countries and an average of 264,000 employees.
Income of 56.731 million euros and more than 264 million customers.
More than 202 million mobile accesses.
42 million fixed telephony accesses.
15 million data and Internet access and 2,5 million pay TV acces.

Founded:19 April 1924.
Subsidiaries Telefonica Spain, Telefonica Europe, Telefonica Latinoamerica.
Charmain and CEO:Cesar Alierta.

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