Sunrise Habitat

To provide solutions that enable to satisfy the housing needs of the neediest people.

Monday 8 June 2015, by Nacho, Sandra, Svetlana

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

Nowadays, there are 4,700 million people with purchasing power of less than $ 3 a day in the world. These people, located at the base of the economic pyramid, have unmet needs.

There is where Habitat Sunrise appears, with over 35 years of experience, to meet a basic need of the world population: housing, social housing, emergency housing, schools and hospitals at reasonable prices.
The company proposes to create opportunities that allow foster economic and social development of communities.
Sunrise Habitat has developed a housing solution (the system SUNRISE MF 100) for quick and easy construction, durable, economical and quality, which does not require sophisticated equipment or specialized workers for its construction.

Among its features, ease of transport, storage and handling of components, etc. are included. One of the main attractions is the capacity of being able to adapt to all types of environments and resist all kinds of harsh and adverse weather conditions; resist earthquakes of up to 5 in the category Richter scale and winds of up to 190km / h.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

Sunrise Habitat is a motivating example of a company where ethics has been given a real feasible value.

As stipulated in Article 25 of the Universal Rights of Human Rights, all persons have the right to access to housing:

Article 25
"Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control."

This company transmits a sense of humanity. It seems that their main objective is not to make profit; it is to help the neediest people by offering to them the possibility to have quality of life and one of their basic rights.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

Their products are focused on collective groups formed by the world’s poorest communities as potential consumers with a range of products / services tailored to their needs, which in this case demand for quality housing solutions at a low price. Sunrise Habitat also creates new job opportunities in the communities where it is headed, seeking the involvement of public and private stakeholders in the region, with the ultimate aim to stimulate economic and social development of these communities.

Moreover, the company does not just look for people. They are also environmentally friendly using sustainable materials, saving water and energy during the construction process.
But reducing costs does not mean the lack of quality; the company provides housing concepts with high quality materials guaranteeing "durability, security, efficiency."

Despite having identified this customer segment, the company fits customer needs and offers solutions appropriate to their purchasing power. The company performs continuous investments in research and development to provide alternatives more efficient and effective. They are also concerned about the development of communities.

Not many people know about this company, even though they have worked in lots of projects. We feel the need to choose this company to our project to publicize them and help more people to know about it. We aim to INSPIRE our environment. They are doing a really good job.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

Although Sunrise Habitat has focused mostly on underdeveloped countries, we find that it would be very interesting if Sunrise Habitat would enter in developed countries markets. For example, it could provide a great solution to the problem of the evictions in Spain. Banks could give Sunrise Habitat houses to the evicted people in order to ensure their right to housing and it would suppose an opportunity for them to start to show that they care about people and not only about profits.

But we should contemplate the opposite situation too. A situation where Banks try to take Sunrise Habitat out of the maket. This could be possible because Sunrise Habitat possess a patent for their housing model. If Sunrise Habitat does not achieve the renovation of this patent and Banks or other construction companies buy it, they could stop implementing the Sunrise Habitat’s housing model.

In order to not let this happen, Sunrise Habitat should ensure the renovation of the patent. They could do this by achieving collaborations with Governments and with International Organizations that have power to protect them.

But the most important thing is that, in the hypothetical escenario where Sunrise Habitat has renovated their patent and the Governments have given their full support to the company, Sunrise Habitat must stay true to its core values and never forget the reason why the firm was founded: to help people.

Location: Bellaterra (Barcelona) (Spain)

Sector: Construction

Official website:

Key figures:

Employees: 0-10.
Annual Revenue: 750.001 - 1.500.000€
The team has more than 35 years of experience in the sector and has developed more than 15.000 projects in Europe, Africa and America.

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