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Rituals is a beauty, cosmetics and body products brand that was born in Amsterdam, by the hand of its CEO Raymond Cloosterman. It is a well-established and famous brand because, besides the original and unique lines, it owns a recognised and relevant corporate responsibility policy. To start with, Rituals only works with organic products, it never tests with animals and it’s considered very responsible regarding environment and people.

With regard to its products and distribution methods Rituals develops and sells home and body cosmetic products. It offers body moisturisers, body fragrance products, deodorants, body oils, foam sensations, muds, soaps and gels, cream bath products and bath oils, hand and foot care products, products for face, nail varnishes and nail care products, perfumes, sun protection and after sun products, and baby care products. The company also provides body, hand, foot, and face scrubs; shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for hair; make up products and accessories for eyes, lips, and face. towels, bathrobes, bath mats, and beach towels; home and yoga wear; home care products, including kitchen products, fragrance sticks, candles, and home fragrances; teas; gift sets; travel products; and vintage items. It offers products through its shops; luxury department stores, fragrance retailers, and shop-in-shops, onboard airlines and hotels, online shops and spas globally. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Rituals operates as a subsidiary of Rituals Cosmetics Uk Ltd.


Rituals embraces initiatives that are environmentally safe and socially conscious. It is important to us that we contribute positively to society through social engagement. As a healthy company, we wish to give back to society by helping people who are less fortunate while also maintaining high ecological standards.

mentioned Mr. Raymond Cloosterman in an interview.

Rituals not only holds a socially responsible philosophy, but demonstrate it by enacting concrete initiatives in order to protects the environment, give back to the community and to those less fortunate. For instance, one initiative launched by Rituals is the collaboration project they undertakes with Tiny Miracles, a charity foundation that affords underprivileged children in Mumbai, India a better start in life. Rituals gives to the charity the 10% of the proceeds from the Tiny Rituals collection, which contains products designed specifically for babies. Why? “Because we believe that small acts of love create tiny miracles, and we passionately support that mission” said the CEO of the firm.

Moreover, Rituals implements several measures to reduce its climate footprint, such as striving to manufacture the majority of its products in Europe to keep as small as possible its climate footprint. Furthermore, when producing, Rituals states that for its products it uses "natural, renewable and organic ingredients" and if necessary "safe alternatives for anything nature cannot provide”. Rituals communicates all products are 100% free of plastic scrub micro beads. One of the most important aspects that differentiates this company from other similar firms from the same industry is that Rituals completely refrains from animal testing, and does not delegate this task to others.

Another extraordinary characteristic about Rituals is that perfectly combines a set of corporate social responsibilities with the capacity to be a growing and profitable company. Rituals has adopted an expansion strategy in the last decade, creating 1.097 new jobs during the three year period between 2012 and 2016, one of the fastest-growing dutch companies. Currently Rituals is present in 25 countries, with more than 500 points of sale and 1,000 stands. The brand also distributes its products through the selective channel, e-commerce, and travel retail.


The perfect reason to believe in a company is being part of its value chain, and in our case as clients.
Rituals, and its CEO Raymond Cloosterman, fight against superficial beauty, and affirm that beauty, body, health and the planet itself are connected. As said before, at Rituals they “cover initiatives that are environmentally safe and socially conscious”.
A good example that illustrates how the company implements their ethical value is one initiative launched by Rituals, which is the introduction of refills for a selection of body creams. This eco-chic system offers the same body cream while helping to reduce C02 in 70%, saving 65% of energy and consuming 45% less water.
Another initiative that inspires and makes us trust in the company is that Rituals has created an Ethical Program to make sure that suppliers are bound to fulfill strict rules, including a policy of non-tolerance in relation to forced labor and child labor.

In a personal interview, Raymond Cloosterman said that his favorite sentence is one of Walt Disney that says: “If you can dream it, you can do it”, and we strongly believe in it, that is why Rituals captivated us.


More and more brands concerned for environment and bringing eco-friendly and organic products will arise. And we hope, more businesses focused on giving back to society will be born in a near future. This, is going to be Rituals competition, but it is not that bad. Market will have to lower prices and make it more affordable due to the increase in demand, what will benefit customers and our environment. Whilst, companies will be turning more efficient and expecting more confidence and more reliable customers every day. Rituals must keep on driving towards the direction of "making the world a happier place" as the brand creator mentions, we believe that if an organisation is driven by such passion then, your life and corporative goals remain aligned. And this is the key of continuing to grow as a business but, at the same time, keep having a positive social impact.





Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Sector: Professional, scientific and technical activities, Human health and social work activities, Other service activities

Official website: https://www.rituals.com/en-gr/home

Key figures:

#1 on the list of the Top 250 Scale-ups 2017

1,097 new jobs in the period 2012-2016
more than 500 stores globally
Over €140M in retail, 2011
Turnover of €250M, 2014

Nbr. visits: 9453