?We want to transform the way the world works with money?

Thursday 29 September 2011, by Charles-antoine Van Vyve, Daniel Bengtsson, Linus Lindmark Hallden, Manuel Nasti

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With an innovative working culture and a profitable balance sheet combined to a strong will to contribute to a better world, RSF social finance appears to be the financial service we would like to work for. It would give the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the financial sector while seeking new responsible ways to live. RSF social finance is the proof that it is possible to associate financial performance with social responsibility and innovation.
RSF social finance gives people the opportunity to invest in sustainable, diversified and social ways but also to lend money to companies trying to launch businesses with a social or environmental purpose. We trust in this company because they invest and lend money only to companies which have social purpose. Moreover, the company fund comes from Armonia LLC which is a sustainable fund and is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner.
As RSF is really a new philosophy of business, it may face more competition in the future. Moreover the very low interest rate is not very profitable for the company and for the nature of the businesses involved long time is needed to get the money back.



Location: San Francisco (United States of America)

Sector: financial services

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Over one thousand clients, more than $120 million in consolidate assets, over $ 230 million in loans and over $ 100 million in grants. Country of operation: United States of America. Number of Employees: 29.

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