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Monday 6 June 2016, by Anna Fernández, Nando86

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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

QUIERO is a team of people who believes in what they do and they do it through a marketing consultancy specialized in sustainability. They like to define marketing as “that tool which invites people to take a decision”. For them, their decision is totally clear: to save the world, it is to say, enjoy it, take care of it and respect it. This is the reason why they only work with projects whose interests are common with their interests.

It is a company that creates solutions in communication, innovation and investigation and want to promote a sustainable, ethic and profitable dialogue among organizations, companies or brands with its stakeholders whose decisions provide value to all the parts while strengthen mutual confidence and increasing their profitability. Its methodology could help in the business’ definition or revision and with more functional aspects like
the launch of a product as well.

QUIERO was founded on September 2008 and since then, they have worked with many notorious companies and they have started their own projects as well.

In one hand they have worked with Coca-Cola in a social innovation project whose aim is to help and guide young people at risk of exclusion in order to find their career path through the relationship networks Coca-Cola has. They also help Unicef to improve and expand their relationship with companies. They have created “vegetable gardens” in
the center of Madrid and in Trina’s office, in order to help the company to enrich Trina’s value added proposal “A more natural attitude to life” and making it tangible, carrying out awareness campaigns among the relevant interest groups.

In the other hand they have raised their own projects like the conference on Sustainable Brands first held in Barcelona which received more than 2.000 attendees and more than 40 international and nation speakers who wanted to share solutions that help companies to adopt a responsible attitude in the different areas of sustainability.

From 2013 onwards they have developed an application named Labels for your planet with which you can learn what criteria eco-labels evaluate and what organizations certify them. In its website you can also find shops and brands that sell products with eco-labels.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

Usually, marketing companies try to earn a lot of money through advertisement that is not always ethical or respectful. In order to generate profitability marketing companies focus on finding a great idea to publicize and attract the public’s attention. The problem is that sometimes these ideas can have negative social impacts and can be harmful for society and its values.

However, there are marketing companies that work according to moral and ethical values such as “Quiero salvar al mundo haciendo marketing” that works with projects that respect and take care of our world. They aim to help in defining the strategic business as well as more functional aspects such as product launch in an ethical way.

This company engages in a series of projects that bring sustainability and care for the environment to the general public joining daily consumption to where enjoyment and wellness help create a better society.
Quiero is also concerned with youngsters and the difficulty that some of them have to enter into the market. This is why they created a program which is called “things for people” that aims to help youngsters with risk of total exclusion to develop their skills in technology to help creating solutionsfor brands.
What is more, they even coordinate workshops between different brands to make sure they sensitize with the environment and the important values of our world

To sum up, Quiero salvar al mundo haciendo marketing addresses many ethical challenges to transform our world into a better one. It is engaged in many great projects concerning people, sustainability, the environment… and many more.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

The reason why we believe that Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing is really ethical is because they are only focused on collaborate with companies that have the same values and finalities than them, or with projects that have a positive impact to environment or society. All their own projects and the initiatives with other companies have a clear engagement of being responsible with the environment and the society.

Their aim is that the projects that they are launching have a positive impact with the environment and are not related with behaviors of companies that they consider as unethical. In this line, they rejected in some cases to collaborate with another companies because the ethical values of those were not clear.
For instance, as we have mentioned before, one of the projects was the collaboration with Coca-Cola and Madrid city hall to promote the use of the bicycle in the area, trying to encourage healthy lifestyles or the collaboration with Labels for your planet, or the project with Lafarge, that support entrepreneurial projects that are related with innovation and sustainable development, awarding with a cash prize to the best sustainable idea.

Furthermore, they also have created different activities where people can realize and perceive the benefits of this kind of acts, allowing people to join to the movement and be more conscious about the impact of their consumption habits and behaviors.

The company aims to reach the maximum number of people as possible to achieve to obtain a better world with the collaboration of all of them. They also create blogs and communications channels where people can participate or be more aware of the benefits of their projects, with the clear intention to spread their movement.
QUIERO is not just seeking for profit, they love their job and they believe in what they do. It is true that they have a lot of work but they always do it with a smile on their face.

We believe that their engagement with the society and the environment is clearly honest and the reputation of projects in which they are involved, that include participation of ONG’s or forums of sustainability,shows the veracity of the company.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

Quiero salvar al mundo haciendo marketing is a company that only works with companies that have similar ethical values. For this reason, unfortunately, they could be letting escape profitable opportunities that could enable them to have a stronger voice to keep spreading their message. Even though they work with companies with common
goals, they could disagree in some issues so they should be able to manage the situation and try to arrive to a mutual agreement.

Another challenge that the company could face is the reputation of the companies which they work with. There are companies that could use their marketing strategies to green washing and obtain a better reputation to other finalities.

It is true that can be a small step to try to change the view of this companies regardless to ethics, but probably it would be more credible and useful if only collaborate with companies totally implicated in the search of sustainability as a way of behave.

They will face the challenges they could have with optimism, trying to give the best they can offer to the companies who rely on them, on their projects and their values as well.
Also, by working with companies with different values and ethics they could inspire them to adopt better ethics that could help our world.

Moreover, they have to be conscious of the economic and social difficulties, it could arise. For example, economic crisis or possible competitors since that nowadays sustainability and ethical practices are increasing as it is assessed very positively to be a company which cares about the environment and people.



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