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Tuesday 1 June 2010, by Anna Cayuela, Edith Solis, Laura Ubierna, Sandra Carreno

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a) The main facts about the activities of the company

MRW is a courier company, which sends parcels both nationally and internationally. Even if it is the core activity of the company, nowadays it has expanded in the sector and currently costumers are offered a vaster range of services: transferring money all over the world, support on carrying out logistic campaigns, moving their pets and request for urgent deliveries.
If any of the deliveries is late, MRW is compromised to offer ten shipments completely free to the costumers.

The company offers 22 different delivery services, which range from usual deliveries either urban, national, European or international; it is also offering express deliveries (before 13 hours), international mailing, 48 hours deliveries / receipts from Portugal, etc.
We want also to mention some other activities not related to the core business of the company as logistic support to e-commerce companies, company storage, computer support and solutions...

However, the core business is not what has inspired us to explain the activities or MRW in wedreambussiness, but it Corporate Social Responsibility activities and ethics with its main stakeholders and the environment.

b) The ethical challenges the company is addressing

Even 2008 profits in MRW decreased, the investment in ethical activities has been increased by 1.65%, reaching the amount of 10.040.946 Euros. The logistics firm assigned this amount of money to several project regarding social action, workers, environment and culture.

In this field MRW is working towards four principal objectives:
1- Equality in opportunities between men and women and same working conditions available in their job place. It is shown in 2008 memory of the company that there is near parity between men and women in all company?s levels, from top managers to workers.
2- Recruitment policies for disabled people. In 2008 there were 25 disabled people working for the company, and 84% of those had permanent contracts. Moreover, the firm has signed an agreement with a society which is in the ONCE Foundation (Spanish Foundation supporting disabled people), in which the company took the compromise to contract hundred disabled people in three years from 2008.
3- Integration of people older than 45 years old to the labor market and of immigrants coming from non-developed countries.
4- Safety training to workers. Each worker perceives three hours training in risk prevention according to his or her position in the company.


The company knows perfectly well that its main activity is highly contributing to CO2 pollution and even this problem cannot be completely addressed, they are fixing yearly some objectives toward this matter in order to be able to, at least, decrease as much as possible the emissions. For this reason, the company supports messengers to go walking if the delivery is less than one mile from the office posted; it services its fleet constantly and also tries to encourage costumers picking up their packages.
Of course, CO2 emissions are still existing, but we find inspiring this kind of initiatives, which try to adapt as much as possible the business to ecology.

Moreover, the company in 2008 recycled 9800 kg of paper and it reduced the use of paper in the offices by 25% with respect the year before. Finally, the introduction of videoconference meetings supposed the no emission of 42 Mt of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Social Action

MRW supports NGO and non-profit organizations causes. For this reason, all this companies can reach 70% of discount on all services perceived from MRW.
Furthermore, Spanish students and teachers abroad, large families (3 or more child), disabled people and old people in geriatric hospitals can either send or receive one free delivery per month.
This year MRW also started supporting some solidarity campaigns by transporting material and others to the entities that were setting the campaigns. For example, Hearing Aid Campaign by Gaes.


The logistics company collaborates with some business schools and universities in order to help students understand how important are ethics in business and how MRW has developed its strategy and growth.
Again, taking advantage of the core activity of the company, MRW offers discounts to all bookshops and publishing companies in order to promote culture spreading.
The company is also patron and sponsor of some big institutions like Liceu theatre in Barcelona and the Catalan Choir among others.

c) What makes you believe this company and why we trust it.

It is not just a feeling or a ?nice book? published in its website,
but the evidence in real life that shows us the existing confidence
in the company. Some articles have been published talking about the
good strategy the company is taking; some important prices in
Corporate Social Responsibility awarded the company (for example, in
2007, MRW received the ?Social Responsibility award? by Ejecutivos
magazine), etc.

In 2009, MRW was the 18th company in the ranking of MERCO (Monitor
Espa?ol de Reputaci?n Corporativa, a Spanish institution that
measures reputation of Spanish biggest companies), and the CEO of
the company was in the same position on the ranking of most valuable

Moreover, further than the institutions that support the credibility
of the company, we trust them personally because we see that the
goals in CSR of the company are aligned with their own goals; and
that the aim of all the internal actions are not ambitious but just

Finally, we met with someone inside the company that confirmed us that
these goals were reached but progressively.

d) The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

As we could see MRW is one of the most ethics companies in their ambit but still there, are some aspects that can be improved.

It is a company committed with environment. They had been working a lot to reduce CO2 emissions, one of their main goals. In our opinion a possible challenge to improve would be the use of electric cars. With that the levels of CO2 emissions will be reduced.

They can also try to do their packaging with recyclable materials. It would show that they are an ecological company that takes care of environment


Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Sector: transport, logistics

Official website:

Key figures:

606,81 million Euros in 2008 turnover, - 4% in respect to 2007
782 transport franchises establishes in Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal
512 employees
2816 vehicles and 4 airplanes

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