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A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

LoCO2 Energy (the Company) is an independent British renewable energy startup with full commitment on providing ethical alternative sources of green, renewable energy sources, even to cost-conscious consumer. The Company supplies renewable and low carbon electricity to residential and business customers, and manages its own hydropower stations through its sister company, TLS Hydro. In managing its energy sources, the company uses the following energy sources: hydro, wind, solar, anaerobic digestion (burning of methane gas), natural gas, and CHP technologies. All of these energy sources are completely renewable, have low CO2 emissions, and they compose 100% of the company’s energy mix that is marketed toward consumers (even utilized in the Company’s low cost package).

Their operational approach also includes high-standard of customer service in the delivery of energy. Spreading belief that the business should not only promote sustainability, but should also be run in a sustainable manner,the company also reuses and recycles paper, printer cartridges and encourages its employees to use public transport on company’s business. Therefore, it is not surprising to find out LoCO2 receives an Ethical Accreditation certification, as awarded by The Ethical Company organization during the period of May 2012- 2013.

LoCO2 goals and commitments include:
• To increase the number of British homes and businesses using renewable and low-carbon electricity.
• To increase the expansion of renewable power stations through the construction of its own hydropower generators.
• Minimizing its impact on the environment, by cutting down waste productions and recycling all recyclable materials.
• Acting as an ethical employer and investor
• To behave in a responsible way towards its customers.
• To manage its finances responsibly.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

Energy companies can operate in an environmentally-conscious way.
As demonstrated above, the Company utilizes 100% renewable green energy in creating their energy mix. This energy mix signifies the Company’s ongoing devotion to creating a business that is ethically responsible toward the environment. LoCO2 successfully reduces greenhouse gas emission that contributes to global warming and climate change world-wide by utilizing 100% renewable energy with low CO2 emission. This commitment proves LoCO2 ethical stance toward the environment.

Corporate decision-making- Society cares and go ecofriendly
Many alternative energy companies charges astronomical rates toward their customers. LoCO2 successfully created a package that targets even the most cost-conscious customers. The Company’s Pocket and Pocket+ products utilize 100% renewable energy to cost-conscious customers. It is the Company’s major principle to deliver affordable renewable energy to customers. By doing so, LoCO2 can stay being ethical and not letting corporate greed get in the way of sustainable energy for everyone.

“ Priority to Ethics” and still be profitable.
Unprofitable companies do not last long. Since its inception in 2009, LoCO2 has been able to add new hydroelectric power stations across the UK. It is evident that the Company’s prudent financial management has enabled it to be operational, even after the Company makes the aforementioned ethical decisions. Profitability is needed to sustain and expand operations. LoCO2 has been able to sustain and expand operations is a testament that companies can make ethical decisions and thrive as an ecofriendly example .

Engage in ethical business-to-business (B2B) relationship and still be operationally sustainable.
Looking from its actions (recycling, utilizing renewable energy themselves) and its choice of business partner (particularly Triodos Bank, as mentioned above), LoCO2 shows that B2B relationship can thrive, even under strict ethical standards. The Company’s main business banking partner, Triodos, does not engage in unethical financial investments and lending activities. In fact, Triodos employs ethical sustainability subject matter experts to manage its operations in an ethical manner. This ethical partnership does not deter the normal day-to-day operations of both companies. It is a proof that companies can engage in ethical partnership, forgo unethical business relations, and still be operationally sustainable.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

This company has the two main characteristics that a business should have: it has a fair business model and it is profitable at the same time.
It can operate in a very competitive sector that has characteristics of a semi-monopoly offering a real alternative to costumers. We think that the idea of providing green electricity at reasonable tariffs will become more and more popular, and we think that in the long term this will be the greatest advantage of this company.
Our group thinks that LoCO2 is an ethical company because it believes in renewable resources and contributes to protect our environment. At the same time it gives the opportunities to responsible costumers to do the same because its competitive tariffs are affordable by anyone: that’s the reason why we like to call it “green democracy”.
Our group is firmly convinced that our planet is the most important resource that we have and that it has to be protected in order to give our children and our grandchildren a healthy place where to live.
It’s our duty, and we have to face the problem as soon as possible.
We think that an ethical company is the one in which we would be happy and proud to work for, and that’s the case. Our group is convinced that the most important aspect of a job is not just money, but it is to be satisfied and proud of what you and your company do. And of course we would like to work for LoCO2 because we would have the impression that our efforts are directly or indirectly positively impacting the environment. And consequently we are working for a better future for us and for new generations.
It’s never too soon to change the world, and LoCO2 knows it: it is one of these forward-looking companies that are going to write our future.
The old generation companies just focused on short term profit will sooner or later expire while visionary companies like LoCO2 will rule the energy sector. Or at least we hope so.
Its moral values offer us a hope: a hope that we can change in better, a hope that a choice is always possible and that we can solve the problems that in the latest years we created.
It’s a positive way to look at our future, and we are really convinced that positivity and hope are the most important aspects in order to create a better world.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

We are convinced that LoCO2 is a company that will have a glorious future for the reasons we have previously explained. We think that this business model will soon become more and more common and that soon more companies will provide “clean electicty” with affordable tariffs like our company. In addition, it’s likely that government will give more facilitations to costumers that decide to choose green power and this is a strategic aspect that could help the rapid diffusion of our electricity.
And when this will happen LoCO2 will have the advantage to be entered this market earlier and consequently it will have all the advantages of a first mover.
We think that the company in the following few years should reinforce its position in the UK market and should try to become the first provider of green electricity in the country. After having reached this goal, we think that LoCO2 should focus on a very challenging but at the same time difficult market: China.
As we all know Chinese economy is growing very quickly and electricity is an indispensable factor for production. At the moment this sector isn’t very strongly regulamentated but we are convinced that in a near future the government will adopt new misurement in order to contrast the high pollution levels.
This will represent a great growth opportunity for the company if it will succedd entering the market in time.
We really believe in LoCO2 business model and we hope that in next years more and more people would decide to switch to green electricity because, if so, we would really give back something to the enviroment that we have exploited for too long.



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  • LoCO2 27 February 2013 at 23:29 , by yess

    LoCO2 is an ethical company that uses renewable resources and helps protect the environment. On the other hand it allows customers to make use of these energies of form responsibly.
    This company our inspires a commitment to the environment fostering in our the around importance of become aware of protecting natural resources.
    As families and social entities we have the committed to protecting the environment, since this depends on our quality of life and our successors.
    LoCO2 facilitates to families to contribute with to the defense of the environment, developing new solutions that prevent pollution and degradation of the environment in order to help counter them
    Of this company we can learn that you can combine a business model right and profitable at the same time.
    This company is committed to provide citizens with a new alternative in a highly competitive industry. It moves in a blue ocean, providing a new system of energy use in an ethical and uncontaminated.
    Their characteristics are:
    • Renewable Resources
    • Reasonable Rates
    • Provide green power
    • Protect the environment
    • Opportunity to be responsible customers
    The strategy of LoCO2 inspired us because we should defend the environment because it is part of our duty, your strategy encourages the cooperation which will ensure a better future and a healthier country, of form economically.

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