‘Llagurt is a commitment to quality, the products of our land, which benefits the body and the most demanding palate.’

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The process of choosing Llagurt:

When having to choose the enterprise we wanted to study, we initially focused our efforts in searching through big companies because we wanted to prove that there are companies which are making profits while at the same time being ethical. Several names came up such as Marks & Spencer... But then, one day walking around Barcelona we found one of Llagurt’s stores; we walked in, and we discovered this small, local and ethical business, and that was it.

Why this company?

Catalunya (Spain), 2010. The country is one of the most severely affected by the recession in the European Union; however, that does not stop 27-year-old founders Íngrid Rahola and Glòria Salomó from making their dream-project come true and opening Llagurt, an ecological, yogurt and frozen yogurt shop where the customer can make any possible combination with up to 30 different toppings. Both young women were highly motivated and driven to pursue their project, and so they opened their first shop in Girona. Just over two years later, we now find 20 Llagurt stores spread all over Catalunya, and this number is only increasing.

We have chosen to study this company because it is inspiring for us last-year business undergraduates to see how, even in the worst economic times, dreams and goals can become a reality if you believe enough in them. Furthermore, it is amazing to think that such a simple product as a yogurt can get involved in social projects and impulse the cohesion of Catalan culture and society.

A. The main facts about the activities of the company.

The firm specialises in making and selling artisan and organic frozen yogurt and natural yogurt, characterised mainly by its quality, taste and low fat content, providing an alternative to conventional ice-cream products, taking advantage of the current health awareness of society. They aim to deliver a yogurt-based product that is fresh and creamy, but at the same time natural and respective of the environment. Their products that no traces of herbicides, pesticides or preservatives, ensuring the products are organic, a unique position in today’s frozen yogurt market.

The yogurts are accompanied by 30 different toppings, ranging from fruit that is freshly cut to order, cereals and nuts to homemade fruit sauces. This enables clients to create their own personalised Llagurt yogurt, choosing the taste and ingredients that will make up their product, which always has a guarantee of freshness and quality.

B. The Ethical challenges this company is addressing.

The firm claims it is committed to ensuring quality and promoting locally sourced products that benefit both the palate and the body. They aim to improve the quality of life of their consumers through addressing the need for healthier foods, especially in the ice cream market, therefore promoting healthy eating, an increasing problem in society. In addition they promote locally sourced produce, organic products, Catalan farming and ecology.

The firm embraces its social responsibility, giving back to society through a variety of programmes and initiatives. For example the ‘Temporada Alta’ project that collaborates with children in care centres giving them singing and dancing workshops; the company dedicates a percentage of each sale during their high season to this cause. They also have a programme called ‘Vida.cat’ which consists in professional help to teach people tools for emotional well-being and getting through periods of change in life. Llagurt also promotes Catalan culture through backing projects concerning the conservation of Catalan language and music. They also collaborate with efforts to back issues such as new technologies and help to drive entrepreneurship amongst young people, led by the success story of the firm’s founders.

C. What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it?

The mission of Llagurt is to improve its customers’ quality of life by offering a different and fun experience enjoying top quality yogurt. In the yogurt production process no herbicides, pesticides or preservatives are involved, making Llagurt the healthiest alternative in the market. This aim for providing the highest quality and healthiest product possible and, on top of that, produced locally, is what differentiates Llagurt in the market while making the company compromised and honest with its customers at the same time.

In addition to the company’s values, mission, and values, Llagurt also engages with external ethical and solidarity projects, as mentioned before:

● Project with Temporada Alta for teenagers in risk of social exclusion
● Project with the Consortium for Language Normalisation
● Action in support of young entrepreneurs
● Collaboration with modern music and entertainment of Girona
● Project with Vida.cat group

All in all, we believe Llagurt is an ethical company that is trying to make a difference. It produces its yogurt in an environmentally-friendly manner, it also cares to offer its customers a unique and healthy experience, and, moreover, it is involved in projects to impulse Catalan culture and society.

D.The possible challenges facing the company in the future and how you think this company may improve.

We believe that in life you can never stop renewing yourself, you always have to search for new opportunities. Therefore, after reading about Llagurt, we think that their plan of expansion can give them more profits and visibility. The challenge would be to keep the ecological production and high quality of the yogurt, as well as maintaining the connection with the Catalan culture and society. A way to overcome these difficulties is to see it as an opportunity. Llagurt could open more stores around Spain, trying to create this connection between the company and the society where the store is located.

Also, we think that a good way for improving would be to offer, at least, the same products as the competence but with a better quality. In this case, they could try to produce a new flavour of ecological frozen yogurt such as mango or chocolate.

All these measures can help all the small and medium farmers located next to their stores and also society, as they get involved with several social projects.

Ideas for future business:

“Working with rigor and passion gives the result of a product and a service of high quality.”


Location: Girona (Spain)

Sector: Accommodation and food service activities

Official website: http://www.llagurt.com/en/home

Key figures:

Founders: Íngrid Rahola and Glòria Salomó

Location: Catalunya, Spain

Initial investment: 70,000€

Number of employees: 56

Number of stores: 20


  • Quality Recognition of Linguistics Business Young Entrepreneur Awards
  • Best Commercial Innovation Initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Awarded in XVII Bancaja Awards in the category of young entrepreneurs
  • Winner of the first edition of the awards Girona Emprèn.

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